DogBone Shed Dog Training Antler Retrieving System


  • Proven 3-Step System – These premier antler training tools will help your hunting dog learn how to track and retrieve after moving from shape and scent to real sheds.
  • Heavy-Duty Antler Dummy – Every deer dog training kit comes with a soft, durable training antler that’s stark white for easy identification and to train pups and adults for shape conditioning
  • Genuine Antler Scent – Further enhancing the process are our premium training scents that mimic the smell of real deer antler sheds; ideal for antler conditioning.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – The included booklet provides adult and puppy training techniques that are easy to follow and implement for consistency and to set both dog and owner up for success.
  • Consistent Results – While no two dogs are alike in their training or learning capability, Dog Bone products help give you the edge every step of the way in building a solid foundation. 
    • This unique shed dog training system was designed and developed by deer dog training guru Jeremy Moore. 
  • Now you can train your dog to find shed antlers and continue to work with your dog during the shed season; and never loose a deer again during hunting season.
  • Train any dog to be a shed dog and transform your dog into a multi-purpose dog, creating a very versatile working dog companion.
  • The training between a gun dog and bird dog is so similar to and overlaps into the training of a shed dog that you can easily make your dog a multi-purpose hunting dog. 

  • Proven 3 step training system; shape first, scent second, then transition to a real shed antler
  • Training Antler is white; giving visual contrast to help younger dogs during training. the soft training antler allows you to safely train both a younger dog and also cross train an older dog; avoiding a “shed shy” dog; not a chew toy
  • Antler scent allows you to use the training antler to train your dog to the scent of a real deer antler shed
  • Training instructions walk you through step by step; use this system whether you’re training a puppy or an old dog; booklet located inside the kit’s packaging

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