Disposable Epoxy Resin Mixing Cups Clear Plastic 10-Ounce 50-Pack for Measuring Paint Epoxy Resin Art Supplies - Graduated Measurements in ML and OZ

  • MESS-FREE PAINT MIXING: Whether you’re a professional painter or you simply create art just for fun, Prepstor can make things much easier and less messy for you. Our 20-piece set of clear mixing plastic measuring cups will help you mix colors and painting materials, and reduce paint and resin waste at the same time!
  • 3 MEASURING SCALES THAT SAVE YOU TIME AND EFFORT: The most practical feature of the Prepstor plastic paint cups is their measurement scale design. More specifically, each one of the 20 graduated mixing cups has 3 accurate measurement scales on them that help you measure ounces, cups, or even ml volumes.
  • ABSOLUETLY USEFUL FOR MEAL PREPARATION AND BAKING: These durable plastic mixing containers are not used only for paint, stain and epoxy resin. In fact, the multipurpose 8oz measuring cups allow you to measure any liquid or dry ingredient with high accuracy when you prepare a meal or delicious baked goods.
  • USE THEM ONCE OR OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Prepstor’s graduated clear cups are made with top quality plastic that is recyclable and very durable. The premium material makes it possible to either use the calibrated measuring cups for resin just once and then throw them away, or use them over and over again.
  • SPEND LESS AND GET MORE: Are you still trying to decide which disposable resin mixing cups to buy? Prepstor does not only give you the most durable plastic cups on the market, but we also give you a 20-piece value pack that saves you money and allows you to always be prepared, whether you’re cooking or painting.
  • Product description

    What do an art painter and a cook have in common?
    They both need a tool to measure and mix their materials and ingredients!
    Prepstor’s disposable clear plastic mixing cups can be used by both a painter and a baker, to mix paint, stain or epoxy resin and to measure liquid or dry ingredients respectively.
    How is that possible?
    Our graduated plastic cups have 3 absolutely accurate measurement unit designs on them, so that you can measure ounces (up to 8oz), cups/pints and ml (up to 250ml).
    Additionally, the practical shape provides you with easy access and the crystal clear plastic walls provide you with an excellent visibility of the color and consistency of the content.
    In this way, you can control the amount of the ingredients you use while you cook or bake. At the same time, you can reduce your paint waste and mix paint without making a mess.
    Prepstor is the best choice for you!
    Why? Because our food-grade resin mixing cups are made with premium quality plastic that is incredibly durable, so it can be used repeatedly.
    However, this plastic material is also recyclable, so you can use the paint measuring cups just once and throw them away without feeling guilty.
    Save time, effort and money with one click!
    Buying these reusable plastic measuring cups will save you time, effort and money all at once! We’re absolutely serious and here’s why:
    The three measuring scales will help you measure ingredients accurately and in no time.
    The clear plastic walls and wide shape will help mix paint, stain, epoxy, and resin and control their color and consistency effortlessly.

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